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Adrien Mastrosimone


My Background

Adrien’s approach to Tarot is straight-forward and intuitive, informed by his interest in folklore, pataphysics, and Western Esotericism. He has been reading Tarot for over 20 years, and now specialises in using the Marseille Tarot for everyday matters.

Adrien bought his first deck at the age of nine years old having seen the Grimaud Marseille Deck in the bookshop in his home town of Marignane, France. The cards and images were so intriguing that Adrien went back to the bookshop countless times. Questioning the bookshop owner about the deck resulted in a not-so-friendly reply of ‘if you don’t know what to do with them you shouldn’t buy them!’ This encouraged him even more to learn about these strange cards. Having saved up enough pocket money, he bought that deck, thus starting a life-time passion in Tarot, the Marseille Deck and divination.

As well as attending countless workshops around Europe, Adrien had the good fortune to study with some of the top Tarot experts in the world, including Philippe Camoin in Marseille (heir to the original Tarot Marseille makers) and Enrique Enriquez (artist and prolific author). Adrien was also inspired by the work and techniques of Kevin Meunier. This has firmly placed Adrien as part of the French school of Tarot reading.

Adrien has studied and worked as part of several Western Esoteric and Ceremonial orders, including the OTO and the Golden Dawn. This trained him in much of the inherent symbolism behind the most popular decks, including Rider-Waite Deck and the Thoth, or Crowley-Harris deck.

Adrien regular teaches classes on the Marseille and Rider Waite Smith as well as workshops on how to use the tarot to better your life. 


Outside of Tarot, Adrien started his Career as a Ballet Dancer taking him around the world as part of dance companies. He then became a singer and he now works and live in Vienna, Austria.

Adrien is available for private readings, as well as skype readings.

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