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“The reading was accurate, he was able to discuss aspects of my life that he wasn’t aware of, but more than that Adrien managed to discuss matters in a friendly and reassuring manner. I came away feeling that he understood me.”
Kieron W, London
“Adrien’s guidance through his Tarot’s reading was so positive and encouraging but also very honest...I needed help with some work decisions and not only only I got the help I wanted, I also found the inspiration and the energy to go ahead with my decisions. It just also incidentally happened that everything Adrien read in his cards came true! This kind of talent only appears in somebody sincere, kind and caring, just like Adrien is.
Lucia K, London ”
"Amazingly accurate and practical. Loved the deck!!!"
Joshua A, London
“Adrien’s reading was really insightful during a tough crossroads in my life. Adrien’s clear and concise advice rung true and clear through the confusion I felt. Thank you for reminding me that great journeys start by small steps!!”
Paul W, London
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